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As seen in the News Herald on Thursday, July 5, 2007!

Mobile pet groomer called to take on Faith Hill's dog
Written by Janet Podolak

Kathleen Ann DeBernardi's debut as dog groomer to the stars was a big success.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's dog Paolo was a real sweetheart, stepping willingly into DeBernardi's fully equipped dog grooming van parked two levels beneath the business end of the Quicken Loans Arena.

That was on Friday, midway in the couple's Soul 2 Soul concert tour.

"I bathed and groomed him and trimmed his nails," DeBernardi said. "It took about an hour."

The Love is Mobile Grooming van is not only heated and air conditioned, it's equipped with fresh water and a tank for used water, a power dryer and all the tools of a land-based groomer. DeBernardi lives in Mentor, but takes her grooming services throughout Northeast Ohio.

The Bracco Italiano, an Italian-bred pointer, remained calm and composed throughout.

"He got excited when Faith Hill came over and introduced herself," DeBernardi said.

The glamorous singer was damp from perspiraion, dressed in white sweats and without makeup.

"She came over and held our her hand and said , 'Hello, I'm Faith Hill,' s if we didn't know who she ws."

Hill, her husband, Tim McGraw, both 40, and their three daughters travel with their dog in a big motor home, which was parked on the same level as DeBernardi's mobile grooming van. Daughters, Gracie, 10, and Audrey, 6, made a big fuss over Paolo after his bath, DeBernardi said.

DeBernardi was contacted by someone at the "Q" a week before the concert. "They found me on my website," she said. The grooming appointment was at 1pm, seven hours before the 8pm curtain time.

Like other celebrities, the couple travel with their own stage, equipment ad support crew.

"There were cars and trucks and people and motorcycles all over the place," the Mentor groomer said. "Everyone was so nice."

Mobile grooming services are popular in the South, but just becoming established here, DeBernardi says. "Dogs and cats are a lot less stressed when I come to their home to groom them," she said.

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Mobile pet care salons are the  preferred choice of today's busy professionals. With today's hectic lifestyles it has become harder to meet all the family needs.

We will ease your burden by providing the care you want and the care your pet deserves, in a fully equipped state-of-the-art van at your home or office by appointment.   

Your pet will be groomed with exclusive time and attention using all natural products.  Your pet will receive less stress, avoid cages and exposure to other animals, resulting in your pet having a calmer and more relaxed attitude.
We are fully contained and equipped with today's technological advances:

Hot & Cold Water for comfortable temperature bathing
Heat & Air Conditioning for comfortable grooming
Generator for all electrical needs
Full size tub
Super Suds System Ensures  a clean, well groomed pet
Cosmos Shampoo & Conditioner System
Force Dryers
Central Vacuum
Electric Grooming Table
Soothing Music
Clean & Sterile Environment



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